Iber model
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Published: 10/07/2019

Learn more about Iber and IberPLUS on the "HPC for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 2019" conference, that it will be take place on October 16-17th, Ourense (Spain).

The aims of this conference is to present the latest advances in the application of High Performance Computing (HPC) techniques in the development of numerical models for fluid simulations. Three speech (in Spanish) will be performed about Iber (program) on October 16th:

  • El proyecto Iber: evolución a partir de la hidrodinámica by Ernest Bladé
  • Desarrollando un modelo paralelo en CPU/GPU para simulación de inundaciones: Iber+ by Orlando García-Feal
  • Modelado de fenómenos lluvia-escorrentía en alta resolución con Iber+ by Luís Cea

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