Iber model

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Iber is distributed for free through this website (English and Spanish versions). To download the software you must be registered in www.iberaula.com.

General information

The download package includes the software Iber (in English and Spanish for Windows OS), the initial configuration guide, the list of new features and the main references.

Other documentation as the Hydraulic Reference Manual or the Users Manual can be donwloaded bellow (registration is needed). These documents describe the equations implemented in Iber, its capacity and range of application, and limitations. It also includes a brief description of the numerical schemes implemented in the model. The Hydraulic Reference Manual is a support tool for users with advanced knowledge of River Hydraulics.

Terms of use

The use of the Iber model is subject to the terms of the software license agreement that the software encloses (License Agreement). The download and use authorization of the software is subject to reading and accepting the terms of the License Agreement. The reproduction, redistribution, public communication and processing of the software are strictly prohibited.

Liability Disclaimer. In no event shall any member of the Iber Virtual Classroom be liable for any damages resulting from the inability to use or the misuse of the Iber model. If the use of materials or information from this site entails the need to provide a service or repair or correct the equipment or data, the user will be responsible for those costs. Team of Aula Iber does not provide any assistance or technical support to the users. For assistance or support please use the Forum.


In order to cite the Iber model in technical documents and publications the following reference should be used:

  • Bladé, E., Cea, L., Corestein, G., Escolano, E., Puertas, J., Vázquez-Cendón, E., Dolz, J., Coll, A., 2014. Iber: herramienta de simulación numérica del flujo en ríos. Revista Internacional de Métodos Numéricos para Cálculo y Diseño en Ingeniería, Volume 30, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 1-10, ISSN 0213-1315, DOI: 10.1016/j.rimni.2012.07.004  Export to Mendeley

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More info and original data source here.


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