Iber model

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Technical support

Team Iber offers technical support to companies, organisms or institutions, in projects involving hydraulic, hydrologic and environmental numerical modelling in the following areas:

  • Flood modelling
  • Tidal currents in estuaries
  • Dam break analysis
  • Sediment transport in rivers, stuaries and reservoirs
  • Urban drainage and catchment hydrology
  • Water quality modelling
  • Hydraulic structures assessment

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NOTE: particular questions about the operation of Iber are solved through the Forum.

Specific technical support

The wide expertice of Iber developers in numerical modelling is abilable to help in the different stages of the modelization process to reach avant-grade solutions in:

  1. Hydraulic structures (culverts, dam spillways, fishways, etc.)
  2. Free/pressurized flows
  3. Calibration and validation process
  4. Eco-hydraulics studies (fish habitat, ecological discharges, etc.)
  5. Hydrology (short and large term)
  6. Flood and water resources prognosis
  7. Sediment transport studies
  8. Advance limnological studies


The Iber model is in continuos development. New versions of the model which implement the latest developments are regularly released.

Some features of Iber have been developed thanks to the collaboration of public administrations or private companies who wanted to solve specific or singular problems related to river flow, open channel flow or enviromental engineering.

The Iber Team is open to collaborate with other research groups, public institutions and private companies in order to enhance and widen the applicability of the software.

Some collaboration examples

Free/pressurized piped flow

Fish habitat suitability


Occupation index (flow obstructions)